Unstoppable Domains, a distributor of Web3 domains, is introducing artificial intelligence generated profile pictures (PFP) that let customers improve their online personas.

Unstoppable's AI avatar program uses a collection of pictures, similar to the well-known AI photography tool Lensa, to produce distinctive and lifelike PFPs that are computer created. Customers who pay $14.99 may get 200 photos produced by the program within an hour after uploading up to 20 images of themselves. These pictures may subsequently be utilized as an Unstoppable PFP by being created as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Polygon sidechain.

Moreover, users' PFPs may be purchased on the secondary market OpenSea.

As users link their domains across decentralized applications, games, metaverses, and more, Lisa DeLuca, senior director of engineering at Unstoppable, told CoinDesk that introducing AI innovation to Unstoppable will let users deeper delve into their digital identities. She continues:

“The cool thing about AI is it adds a technical flair to who you are in a digital representation that allows you to be creative and show that side of you, and also show that you're experimenting in the space of AI, it just allows you to nerd out a little bit when you're showing off your digital identity.”

Unstoppable has been releasing products with the goal of assisting people in creating their Web3 identities. Custom avatars for the domain profiles were made available to users in January thanks to a partnership with Unstoppable and the metaverse platform Ready Player Me. Unstoppable launched a messaging platform using Polygon last week that enables users to communicate with one another via encrypted messages that are sent on-chain.

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