The annual ETHDenver conference and hackathon brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from around the world to collaborate, invent, and create decentralized apps (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain.

One of the largest international meetings of Ethereum developers and fans, the conference frequently includes keynote addresses by prominent business figures, workshops, and panel discussions on subjects pertaining to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Another important component of the event is the hackathon, where developers can work on new projects, get advice from professionals in the field, and possibly win $2M in prizes up the table.

Who Is Carlos Vera?

Carlos Vera is the founder of the Nerd Community est. 2020 during the outbreak of the pandemic. He is a passionate and innovative technologist whose background is the field of medicine, but has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and its potential to transform the world. He is an experienced developer who has worked on a variety of projects, from blockchain-based applications, such as the Strudle Finance, to machine learning algorithms.

This year, he took his wits to ETHDenver and came in with his Etherean Labs colleagues to represent the Nerd Community to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions on the Ethereum blockchain. He brought his expertise in AI to the hackathon, where he worked with a team to build a decentralized application that leverages machine learning to improve user experience and engagement.

Vera's LensScope Project

Carlos Vera's latest project entitled LensScope is a blockchain-based research publishing platform which aims to make research more transparent, accessible, and open. The platform leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to create a transparent and trustless system for publishing and sharing research.

With LensScope, researchers can publish their work directly on the blockchain, where it is timestamped and securely stored. This eliminates the need for traditional publishers and journals, which often charge high fees and limit access to research.

One of the main benefits of Vera's project is that researchers own their data and research, which can be a valuable asset for their careers. Additionally, the platform uses smart contracts to automate the peer review process, which helps to ensure that research is evaluated fairly and transparently.

Another benefit of LensScope is that it enables researchers to earn tokens for their work. These tokens can be used to fund future research, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem for scholarly publishing.

Overall, it is an exciting project that has the potential to transform the way research is published and shared. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, LensScope could create a more equitable and accessible system for research publishing.

In a twitter post by a user with the handle of @mattim0use, he was estatic as Vera was being interviewed by Denver's local news, Denver7ABC, about their hackathon project.

To know more about ETHDenver, head on to this link.

Muhaym Garme
Muhaym Garme
Expert in cryptocurrencies and a journalist with wealth of knowledge in the field, Muhaym has written extensively on everything relevant to the industry, from price research to Blockchain disruption.
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