Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter, has accused Microsoft of improperly using Twitter data to train its artificial intelligence (AI). These charges followed Microsoft's announcement that it will stop supporting Twitter on its Smart Campaigns and Multi-platform online social advertising products.

Twitter's API fees have increased from $0 to $42,000 per month, with some situations costing as much as $200,000 per month, according to a March article in Wired. These costs are stated as the reason Microsoft is discontinuing Twitter support. Nevertheless, the ruling has sparked debate over whether Microsoft utilized Twitter data improperly to train its AI-powered services. Elon Musk has charged Microsoft with doing this, but the business has not provided an explanation.

Musk asserts that Microsoft users won't be able to access their Twitter accounts through the company's tools as a result of the company's plan to remove adverts from Twitter. The company's website states that Microsoft will continue to support Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

A few months after Twitter ceased granting free access to the Twitter API for versions 1.1 and 2, Microsoft decided to stop supporting Twitter with its online social advertising solutions. Microsoft's decision is unknown, but the allegations of unethical AI training and the sale of user data are grave and might have catastrophic repercussions. It is unknown what Microsoft will do in reaction to these charges or whether they will have an effect on the company's reputation or business.

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