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Rugpulled 'AI-Based' Harvest Keeper dApp Drains $1M From Users Money

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The Harvest Keeper dApp has shown to be a scam, with the crew stealing approximately $1 million from consumers. The project claimed to employ AI to provide investors with large profits.

There are reports that the AI-powered dApp Harvest Keeper is a rug pull scam. Numerous cryptocurrency security firms, including CertiK, have stated that the initiative has yanked the rug from under their feet, stealing roughly $1 million. Individuals are asked not to contact with any of the project's URLs, based on the firms.

CertiK claims that, The Harvest Keeper contract was drained by a privileged getAmount function that transmitted over $700,000 in USDT to an address. It also indicated that users' assets were stolen through ice phishing transactions on BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon. In this manner, around $219,000 was stolen.

Ice phishing is a web3 attack that tricks users into manually signing and authorizing permissions. De.security Fi's division also requested that customers revoke smart contract permissions as soon as feasible.

The rug pull is yet another fraud to strike the market, which has seen its reputation tarnished as a result of similar instances. To some extent, AI-mania has taken over the crypto industry, with several associated projects experiencing rapid development. Harvest Keeper appears to have taken advantage of this.

What Exactly Is Harvest Keeper?

Harvest Keeper claimed to use artificial intelligence, portraying itself as "an new initiative based on artificial intelligence that fully eliminates the human aspect from trade, offering the chance to produce money 24 hours a day."

The project promised participants daily payouts of 4.81%, with the investment increasing to 101% in three weeks.

Harvest Keeper, in particular, stated that consumers might benefit from a high-efficiency automated trading system. The idea promoted itself as a platform that could assist consumers in volatile market conditions.

People Are Eager To Recover Their Money

The crypto community is understandably outraged, with some pleading with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao for assistance. Others have been urged not to open any links that Harvest Keeper claims will assist them.

There has been no indication of the attacker's identity. But, because the theft occurred so recently, this could change. In any case, users will have to struggle to get their money returned, which is a recurring theme running across the market as it experiences numerous unfavorable instances.

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