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FBI Issues New Warning Regarding Crypto Scam Called "Pig Butchering"

According to Frank Fisher, a public affairs expert with the FBI's Albuquerque division, the "pig butchering" cryptocurrency hoax is spreading across the nation, CNN reported on Monday.


$11.8M Worth of Bitcoin Sold by MicroStrategy for Tax Purposes

According to a Form 8-K filing made on Wednesday, MicroStrategy sold 704 bitcoin worth $11.8 million for the first time since it began to retain the asset on its corporate balance sheet.


Shibarium Launch Likely to Cause SHIB Burns to Rise

In a recent tweet, the official account of the Shib army news site (@theshibdream) predicted a large rise in SHIB burn transactions once the much anticipated Shibarium upgrade got underway.


Venezuelan Financial Institution Banks Have Frozen Over 75 Crypto Accounts

Venezuela has started keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency accounts of users who have traded cryptocurrencies, particularly P2P transactions.

According to Legalrocks, a cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused law firm in Venezuela, more than 75 cryptocurrency accounts have been blocked by private banks in Venezuela for facilitating crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto trades.


Allegations of Infringement Denied by Sued Artist From Yuga Labs

The popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs' creator, Yuga Labs, has filed a counterclaim in a lawsuit against an artist and his business partner for allegedly stealing their NFT collection's designs.


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J.K. Tan
J.K. Tan
A crypto enthusiast who thinks that cryptocurrencies encourage people to act as their own banks. Fascination for blockchain and Web3 projects is his A-game.
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