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What Happens After The Graph (GRT) AI Tokens Are Unlocked in Large Volumes?

While ChatGPT and Google compete for supremacy in the field of AI chatbots, AI tokens are saturating the cryptocurrency market. The Graph (GRT) and SingularityNET (AGIX), two cryptocurrencies related to the AI industry, had some price correction following a sharp increase during the previous week. In the meantime, there appears to be a lot of activity from The Graph's original staff or early investors in terms of unlocking assets. The significant increases have sparked conjecture for more gains in light of the enormous shift in wealth to the AI token category.


8th of February Price Analysis on Ripple (XRP)

Over the past 24 hours, the price of XRP has dropped by 2.3%.

XRP on the hourly chart has shown break of the trendline support and has grabbed liquidity at $0.3853 price mark as price immediately bounced up. It has revisited support at $0.3901 and established hourly resistance at $0.3934. Price seems to be retesting the trendline support.


ENS Benefits From The AI Season After 6 ETH ChatGPT Domain Sale

Despite not being an AI token, Ethereum Name Service [ENS] joined the group of cryptocurrencies that profited from ChatGPT's expansion. According to the sales bot for the open naming system, the chatgpt.eth domain sold on OpenSea for 6 ETH.


Brian Armstrong's Tweet Results to Lido Finance (LDO) Big Move

After CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong tweeted a tweet, the price of the cryptocurrency Lido Finance (LDO) significantly increased. Armstrong expressed his worries in a tweet about the claims that the SEC wants to ban crypto staking for retail customers in the United States, which he thinks would be a bad move for the country.

Staking, which enables users to directly engage in managing open crypto networks and brings several benefits, including scalability, enhanced security, and decreased carbon footprints, was highlighted by the speaker as a key advance in the crypto industry.


BitMart Will Use SuperLoop to Further Improve Security of User Assets

On February 9, BitMart, a platform for selling digital assets, announced a cooperation with Cobo, a platform for custodying digital assets. Cobo will be linked to SuperLoop, a network payment grid, and will provide off-site custodian.

By utilizing cutting-edge MPC-based co-management custodianship, this agreement will enable BitMart's institutional clients to trade on its exchange while maintaining total control over their assets.


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J.K. Tan
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