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Celebrating the Global Launch of MIR M, Wemade Hosts WEMIX Airdrop Event

In honor of the international release of its MMORPG, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond, WEMIX PLAY, the top blockchain gaming platform by Wemade, is holding a WEMIX airdrop event through February 28th.

One million users who match the following criteria will receive one WEMIX apiece from WEMIX PLAY: connect game account to PLAY Wallet, attain character level 25, and have a log-in record within one week of the event's conclusion date. If there are more than 1 million players, winners will be chosen in the order that they reach character level 25. Winners and further details will be revealed later.


Kazakhstan Taxing 75% Revenue Sale From Crypto Mining

On February 6, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the president of Kazakhstan, signed a new law that reaffirmed the country's opposition to illegal mining activities and the issuing of cryptocurrency assets.

One of the main centers for Bitcoin mining in the world, Kazakhstan, has revealed plans to enact new crypto legislation to curtail tax evasion and other business practices.


Russia Opens Crypto Mining Facility in Siberia

In recent months, there have been moratoria placed on the cryptocurrency mining sector in several regions of the US and Canada. Russia now offers tax breaks to anyone who wish to participate in cryptocurrency mining. East Siberia's new $12 million crypto mining facility will debut with direct assistance from the government.

The state-owned Corporation for the Development of the Far East announced the opening of the cryptocurrency mining facility in Buryatia, a republic in east Siberia and a member of the Russian Federation.


German DekaBank to Launch Tokenization Platform by 2024

A blockchain-based tokenization platform will be released by the 105-year-old DekaBank in conjunction with the digital asset company Metaco.

According to DekaBank's digital asset custody chief Andreas Sack, the company plans to launch its blockchain platform in 2024, with the infrastructure being ready in 2023.


Binance Lowers TRON Fees

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange declared on Saturday that it has returned the Tron network's withdrawal caps to their prior levels in response to user complaints. Binance has previously announced that it will be raising fees as a result of the Tron DAO's decision to change the network's energy billing scheme.

The Tron project team and Binance have worked together to develop a way to reduce withdrawal costs on the network while facilitating user transactions through the exchange, according to an official statement issued by the exchange.


Digital Assets Here to Stay: BNY Mellon

The head of digital assets at Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon), Michael Demissie, is convinced that the institutional interest in digital assets won't be affected by the fall of the bitcoin market in 2022.

Demissie asserted Feb. 8 at a conference hosted by Afore Consulting that institutional investors' keen interest in cryptocurrencies has made the digital asset market "here to stay."


Saudi Arabia and The Sandbox Partners for Metaverse Plans

The Sandbox and the Saudi Arabian government signed an MOU at a partnership ceremony at the Leap 2023 conference in Saudi Arabia for future metaverse development.

As the Leap conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia highlights important themes in the industry, initiatives toward the creation of the metaverse continue to be a big emphasis and a major interest in the Middle East.


Will HBAR Continue to Prosper Despite General Market Losses?

The crypto market appears to be going through a broad price correction after a relatively explosive start to 2023, with some assets posting losses over the past week. The overall market cap of all cryptocurrencies has dropped below $1 trillion during this time by 7.17%. Will HBAR Continue?


Cryptocurrency Can be Used to Pay Taxes at Brazil's Oldest Bank

A significant Brazilian bank is providing taxpayers with a fresh and practical way to pay their taxes using digital currency.

It is now "possible" for Brazilian taxpayers to pay their tax bill with cryptocurrency, according to a collaborative venture with Brazilian-based cryptocurrency business Bitfy, according to a statement released by Brazilian bank, Banco do Brasil on February 11.


Consumer Federation of California Makes New Efforts to Control Cryptocurrency Businesses

A bill that aims to authorize and oversee the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges was sponsored by the Consumer Federation of California (CFC), a nonprofit advocacy group campaigning for consumer rights.

Assembly member Timothy Grayson sponsored the Digital Financial Assets Law, a bill requiring governmental control of cryptocurrency enterprises, in an effort to shield Californians from financial hardship and promote responsible innovation.


Canadian University Dubai Withdraws its Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency Through Binance Pay

A technical difficulty dampened the enthusiasm surrounding the brief endeavor less than 24 hours after the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) announced its cooperation with Binance Pay to take course fees in cryptocurrencies.

Private institution CUD in Dubai was interested in enabling domestic and foreign students to pay tuition and course expenses with cryptocurrencies. Through this project, children from various backgrounds would have had simple access to the Canadian curriculum in Dubai.


Shiba Inu (SHIB) on PayPal? Response from Financial Giant to the Request

When asked on Twitter if it would take Shiba Inu (SHIB) as payment on its platform, financial behemoth PayPal responded.

The SHIB Army, a group of ardent supporters of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency, made the request.


Over 80% of Tether Shares Owned by 4 People in 2018

According to records apparently seen by the Wall Street Journal, a group of four guys held 86% of the shares of the largest stablecoin in 2018. The WSJ claimed that the owners of Tether are a strange group from various backgrounds who lack considerable financial knowledge.

In 2014, Brock Pierce, a former child actor turned entrepreneur, and former plastic surgeon Giancarlo Devasini founded Tether Holdings Ltd. in the British Virgin Islands. Soon later, Pierce left, and Devasini is now Tether's chief financial officer (CFO).


Is the Bull Run Over for AI Crypto Tokens?

A drop in cryptocurrency prices has contributed to the demise of many AI & Big Data Tokens. The Graph, the most valuable AI token in terms of market capitalization, fell as much as 13.65 percent in the previous day and was trading at $0.1519. Now the question is: Was the rise that followed a J.P Morgan research claiming that traders are shifting their focus from blockchain to artificial intelligence just a crypto proxy to the AI bubble?


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