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The chain game market is still one of the fastest-growing market areas in the Web3 business, and the number of independent wallets that are active daily can sometimes reach as high as 800,000 during certain periods, despite the fact that the GameFi track has seen significant losses.

Game Space just held the inaugural tour for the sector. Only 200,000 Twitter interactive retweets were sent out in favor of the event, despite the efforts of Spinterlands, ImmutableX, and Big Time. Over 20,000 blockchain game players joined up within a week, drawing interest. Sky Vee, an anchor for the million-level chain game, and others took part in the live broadcast of the event.


Matter Labs Announced New Branding for zkSync 2.0 and Developer Mainnet

The competition to grow Ethereum layer 2 has recently intensified beyond all recognition. The race to grow Ethereum layer 2 has just been more competitive than ever. Following a restricted testing mainnet called Baby Alpha, zkSync just formally opened its doors to projects that wish to test the mainnet of the zkEVM solution developed by this company. Recently, zkSync has formally opened its doors to projects that want to test the mainnet of the zkEVM solution that this company developed after a restricted testing mainnet called Baby Alpha.

For projects that have been pre-registered, the most recent zero knowledge (zk) roll-up technology from Matter Labs is now deployable on the Ethereum network.


Flash Loans Attacked by Stablecoin Trading Platypus, Losing Almost $9M

On Twitter, the security company CertiK Alert reported that the stablecoin trading project Platypus had been the target of an AAVE flash loan assault, which caused total asset losses of about $9 million.

A portion of the stolen money was transmitted to the EOA and AAVE pools, while the majority is still in the attacker's contract address.

The MasterPlatypusV4 contract's EmergencyWithdraw function, which will only fail when the borrowed asset exceeds the borrowing limit, looks to be the weak point.


Will Price of Bitcoin and Ethereum Recover After 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement?

The market capitalization leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum both underwent a huge negative correction on Friday, with Bitcoin retracing 38.2% of its recent gains. The price of Ethereum dropped similarly.

As a result, a lot of traders and investors are now debating whether this decline represents a brief correction or the start of a longer-term bearish trend.


Embracing Cryptocurrency Market in New Era Adoption, Abu Dhabi

Dubai has aided the development of the cryptocurrency market by putting in place strict rules, which have drawn domestic Web3 and crypto organizations as well as established companies that are now utilizing novel technologies like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse.


Oman Will Create Framework for Regulating Virtual Assets

Over 65,000 people in Oman own cryptocurrencies in spite of the central bank's cautions against investing in digital assets.

The Capital Market Authority (CMA), which oversees Oman's financial markets, is working to create a new legal framework for the Sultanate's virtual asset market.

The proposed regulations would include oversight of virtual asset operations, a licensing procedure for virtual asset service providers (VASPs), and a framework to detect and reduce risks related to the new asset class, according to a news release from February 14.


Delphi Labs: Terra Lawsuit is "ROADMAP" for Attacking Other Stablecoins

The general counsel for Delphi Lab claimed that the SEC was "more rigorous than normal" in its legal action against Terraform Laboratories and co-founder Do Kwon.

A lawyer claims that the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) action against Terraform Labs and its co-founder Do Kwon might be viewed as a "roadmap" for the SEC's efforts to shut down other stablecoins.


Serious Testnet Problem Found By Ethereum Before Shanghai Hard Fork

Prior to the Shanghai hard fork, a number of issues were found while testing on Ethereum's Zhejiang testnet. Yet none of them prevented the ETH staking withdrawals from happening.

According to Marius VanDerWijden, a core engineer working on Ethereum's planned Shanghai-Capella upgrade, a problem was found on testnet Zhejiang.


Court Approved Compute North's Plan to Sell Remaining Assets

The liquidation plan of the insolvent hosting provider Compute North has been approved by the bankruptcy court for the Southern District of Texas.

After realizing it couldn't pay its payments, Compute North filed for bankruptcy protection in September. The mining business has executed 13 asset transfers, four of which were major, which have paid off all of its secured debt, which was $250 million.

Some of the company's assets are still available, despite the fact that the majority of them have already been liquidated in recent months; the proceeds will now be primarily distributed to unsecured creditors.


Shiba Inu Unification Increase Utility: FUND Liquid Staking Derivatives

Yesterday on Twitter, Ringoishi Titsu, who runs the FUND validator for Unification, disclosed intentions for the blockchain tools company to develop a liquid staking derivative for FUND on the Ethereum network.

The LSD will use FRAX's revolutionary dual token format, enabling users to receive ETH staking incentives and liquidity pool return, according to the entire proposal written by Samuel McCulloch, operator of the BigBossCapital validator. As a result, two tokens and a Curve liquidity pool would need to be made.


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