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Advanced Web3 Wallet Feature Of HyperPlay Alpha Creates New Standard In Gaming

The early access launch of HyperPlay, a cutting-edge game launcher created especially for the Web3 domain, has been announced.

With the aim of connecting users' cryptocurrency wallets with game libraries like the Epic Games Store, GOG (formerly known as Good Old Games), and the HyperPlay Store itself, this ground-breaking online game launcher was developed in partnership with MetaMask, a well-known crypto wallet service.


Powerful SIS Governance Token Launched By Symbiosis For BNB Chain Interoperability

Cross-chain liquidity mechanism Symbiosis stated that its SIS governance token would now be implemented on the Binance Smart Chain. (BNB).

Additionally, this change will enable BNB to support related token use cases. This implementation follows last month's unanimous approval of the Symbiosis SIP-2 proposal. The protocol, according to the proposal, will execute veSIS logic on BNB and move SIS coins from Ethereum to the BNB chain.


CEO of Mysten Labs Welcomes Co-Founder Of Hash To Executive Team Of Web3 Foundation

Hashed co-founder Alex Shin and seasoned hedge fund investor Sandeep Ramesh will serve as general partners in the new Web3 venture fund launched by Mysten Labs CEO Evan Cheng.

This development follows Evan Cheng's announcement in February that he will be forming a Web3 venture fund with a $100 million+ market cap. The fund is not anticipated to be restricted to Sui ecological investments.


Australia Will Find 14 eAUD Use Cases

The best alternative to achieve this goal in the setting of nations competing with cross-border currency circulation is central bank digital currency (CBDC). The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced that the eAUD, the digital equivalent of the Australian dollar, will soon begin a test phase. (RBA).

In a joint press release with Australia's Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre, the RBA disclosed that it had requested a limited group of companies to help them examine 14 use cases for eAUD. The program is supported by businesses like ANZ and Mastercard.


Following SEC's Action, BUSD Supply Plunged To $10B

Investors are leaving the BUSD market and moving their funds into USDT as a result of multiple unfavorable news stories on this stablecoin.

Investors are moving their funds away from the BUSD market and into USDT because to the numerous rumors and conjectures surrounding this stablecoin. The third-largest stablecoin, Binance USD (BUSD), is seeing a sharp decline as a result of a 60% drop in supply since the middle of February. The market value of stablecoins was once above $16 billion, but it has subsequently dropped to somewhere around $10 billion. Additionally, the market share of Binance USD has decreased to 7.3% from about 20% the year before. The capital flight caused by investors' shifting opinions increased Tether's (USDT) market share to 52%.


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