Editorial Policy

At Coin Aquarium, we make an effort to give our readers firsthand news, in-depth interviews, and pricing evaluations. Everything must be made available in pieces that are clear and well-written. In the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, we established the goal of dominating and being the most reliable channel.

Objectives and Aims

We seek to keep our expanding readership up to date on the most recent developments in the bitcoin ecosystem because we are aware that fear, confusion, and doubt are prevalent in the space. The readers and the industry at large will profit from our diligent work in producing reliable reports and truthful market analyses.

We at Coin Aquarium steadfastly uphold the rule of journalism. One of our core values is to rigorously check all of our content for plagiarism before posting. Any story that has already been published by other crypto and tech news outlets will immediately receive the proper credit from the original publisher. We mostly follow reliable news sources like CoinDesk, Bloomberg, Forbes, CoinMarketCap, Glassnode, Santiment and others.

No Favoritism, Just Reporting

At Coin Aquarium, we encourage any updates from our readers and observers so that we can properly cover them. We have a responsibility to accurately report on upcoming and ongoing projects as well as industry-related events.

Favoring one or more initiatives in particular is totally unacceptable at Coin Aquarium. We make the decisions regarding what to report without caving in to outside pressure. When we write about a project, it's not to promote it but rather to provide information. Every piece of writing includes the authors' viewpoints.

No Unfounded Information is Acceptable

Our editorial staff is accountable for carefully verifying the veracity of each article before publication. This is necessary in order to eliminate any biased viewpoints or unreliable information. We don't allow incorrect information at Coin Aquarium. But since we are all fallible human beings, we constantly accept our errors and work to remedy them.

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