Is this true? I've heard that Tether is gonna be the next to collapse, and its effect will be 10x the impact it'll cause than the FTX collapse.

A former SE official has already called it a ponzi card house. Tether doesn't publish audited financial statements and its loan issuance has risen more than $2 billion. Tether's lack of responsiveness on its reserves is starting to haunt it now.

Now to be honest, we really don't know if Tether will depeg because we can easily compare it to a black box; we have no guarantee that it always provide a 1:1 conversion ratio.

Taking you back to what happened last 10th of November this year, USDT fell out of 3% from the usual $1 peg. Now, can you really be safe with Tether?

A piece of advise, be wary and always have the initiative to DYOR. Be mindful of all those USDT pairings.

Disclaimer: The author's personal view may be included in the information, which is subject to market conditions. Before making a cryptocurrency investment, do some market research. Your individual financial loss is not the responsibility of the author or the publisher.

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