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08:00 GMT+8 - XRP Chart Analysis

XRP's technical analysis from five days ago has now reached the targets.

I published an technical analysis about XRP five days ago, and after a successful technical analysis, our targets has been reached.

Moving on Xrp price analysis.

XRP on weekly time frame showing bearish hidden divergence

Be careful with your trades as the weekly time frame of xrp is currently displaying bearish divergence, suggesting that the market is not yet at its peak price. Bitcoin is a big factor as well because it can quickly change the direction of the market, so trade with caution and only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Price of XRP may rise beyond 0.4931; this would constitute a liquidity grab before a decline in price.

The target prices for xrp when bearish hidden divergence play are:

0.4430 a fair value gap on weekly frame at 0%

0.4225 a fair value gap on weekly frame at 50%

0.4015 a fair value gap on weekly frame at 100%

It's crucial to keep in mind that technical analysis tools, like chart patterns, are not always reliable at forecasting market movements, and that other variables, like market news and events, can affect price movements. In general, technical analysis is less accurate than you might expect because Bitcoin can still alter it.

Disclaimer: The author's personal view may be included in the information, which is subject to market conditions. Before making a cryptocurrency investment, do some market research. Your individual financial loss is not the responsibility of the author or the publisher.

Garrett Wyatt
Garrett Wyatt
Garrett enjoys trading and has a strong aptitude for analyzing financial markets. His passion in economics and finance has him interested in the marketplace structures of cryptocurrencies.
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