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18:30 GMT+8 - XRP Chart Analysis

XRP on weekly frame showing invalid divergence due to break of structure above last high

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has paid a lot of attention to the coin XRP. Like with any asset, traders and analysts try to forecast future price movements by using technical analysis.

I regret having to inform you in my last article of XRP that the market had invalidated the weekly divergence. For traders who used this indication to guide their trading decisions, this can be a discouraging consequence. Technical analysis should, however, always be used in conjunction with other types of analysis and risk management techniques because it is not a flawless method.

XRP on the 4-hour time frame displaying the onset of the bearish divergence

The 4-hour frame divergence had worked out well, despite your disappointment that the weekly divergence had been invalidated. This shows that the technical indicators utilized were more effective at predicting the shorter-term trend.

XRP on the 1-hour time frame displaying the onset of the bearish divergence

You also saw that the one-hour frame divergence had worked out really effectively. This provides additional evidence that suggests shorter-term technical analysis may be more trustworthy than longer-term analysis.

It's crucial to remember that using technical analysis to forecast future price fluctuations does not always work. The cryptocurrency market is infamous for its high volatility and unpredictability, and there are several factors other than technical analysis that can affect price changes. It's crucial for traders and investors to have a thorough understanding of the market and to use a variety of sources of analysis when making judgments.

In conclusion, your earlier technical analysis of XRP emphasizes the value of utilizing a variety of time frames and indicators to obtain a more thorough understanding of the market. The 4-hour and 1-hour frame divergences played out successfully, proving the significance of shorter-term analysis whereas the weekly divergence was discredited. It's crucial to combine technical analysis with other sorts of analysis and risk management techniques, as with any type of analysis.

Disclaimer: The author's personal view may be included in the information, which is subject to market conditions. Before making a cryptocurrency investment, do some market research. Your individual financial loss is not the responsibility of the author or the publisher.

Garrett Wyatt
Garrett Wyatt
Garrett enjoys trading and has a strong aptitude for analyzing financial markets. His passion in economics and finance has him interested in the marketplace structures of cryptocurrencies.
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