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3000 ETH Restored And Reimbursement From Euler Hackers


After numerous attempts to solicit community backing and recompense Euler hackers, 3000 ETH have now been restored.

In the past, the scheme also required hackers to return 90% and keep 10% as a prize, which would have been the equivalent of around $20 million. Hackers did not respond, therefore the project was forced to turn to the public for assistance and offer a $1 million reward to anyone who could discover the hacker's hint.

Based on information made public by the security company BlockSec today, the Euler attackers have begun returning funds, with 3,000 ETH (or roughly $5 million) restored so far. The BlockSec tweeted:

“We observed that the #Euler attacker 0xb66cd966670d962C227B3EABA30a872DbFb995db is returning money to Euler finance now. 3000 Ether was returning so far."

But yesterday, hacker Euler began acting oddly after sending 100 ETH to the infamous hacking collective Lazarus Group. After last year's Ronin hack, he expressed concern that this might be the reason for the hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of hack.

As was previously mentioned, on March 13, independent security researcher CIA Officer claimed on Twitter that the DeFi Euler Finance loan agreement was compromised for a total of about $197 million, consisting of 8,877,507.35 DAI, 849.14 WBTC, 34,413,863.42 USDC, and 85,818.26 stETH, while being monitored by the BlockSec security team.

Euler Finance, a lending platform built on Ethereum, finished fundraising $32 million in June of last year. Variant, FTX Ventures, and Jump Crypto all took part in the investment, which was organized by Haun Ventures.

Later this year, a DAO will be introduced, enabling users to exercise administrative rights over Euler Finance's growth and operations and choose how their community funds will be used, based on Euler.

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