4 months ago 1 min read

4565 Transactions Scammed by Fake Flow Blockchain Account


GoPlus Security, a Web3 security infrastructure company, tweeted on November 24 that it had discovered a large-scale phishing scam involving 4,565 transactions.

The attacker purchased 157,600 fake fans by impersonating Flow on Twitter. Using a bogus Flow high-value airdrop to entice users to visit fraudulent websites is a malicious authorization scam.

Thousands of people were duped, and the attackers profited millions of dollars. Furthermore, on-chain data shows that new users are constantly duped. GoPlus would like to remind everyone to be cautious and not to trust malicious addresses that can empty assets.

Flow is a decentralized, developer-friendly blockchain designed to support the decentralized applications (DApps), games, and digital assets that run on it. It is intended for scalability and faster speeds without the use of fragmentation technology, making it ideal for crypto-based games and NFT collectibles.

We collaborated with Deloitte Canada to validate the network's energy consumption using Flow's unique proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and multi-node architecture.

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