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Binance Expands 7th Firm in Ireland


The Irish Independent reported on October 31 that cryptocurrency exchange Binance had launched Binance Global Sourcing as a subsidiary in Ireland. In an effort to increase its presence in Europe, Binance has established seven businesses in Ireland.

The CEO of Binance, "CZ," revealed last year that Ireland would be a potential location for the company's European headquarters. Karl Long, formerly of State Street, has recently joined Binance as the director of its Irish operations. Long presently serves as the corporate secretary for the law firm Mason Hayes Curran and the director of Binance Global Sourcing.

The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, which is backed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, previously obtained an Irish operating permit. It was the first to obtain the Central Bank of Ireland's registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). In March 2022, Gemini also received an Electronic Money Institution (EMI).

Ireland was another option for Binance's European headquarters, but the company ultimately chose Paris as its regional base. Ireland has a thriving financial services sector and is known throughout the world as a technology hub and entry point to the larger European fintech market.

Binance's Headquarters in Europe

The CEO of Binance, "CZ," runs the company from its office in Paris and views France as Europe's center for the cryptocurrency industry. With licenses in nations including France, Italy, and Spain, Binance is continuing its European expansion.

Binance obtained its fourth European license this week, along with a registration as a Crypto Asset Service Provider in Cyprus. Plans for the European cryptocurrency exchange include hiring, education, regulatory coordination, and ecosystem growth.

In the meantime, Binance keeps fortifying its position in Kazakhstan. It is actively participating in Kazakhstan's CBDC activities, legal frameworks, and market growth for cryptocurrencies.

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