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$9.5M Invested in Com2uS Metabus to Help it Enter Metaverse

metaverse-com2us-south korea-hana financial group-kyobo group-kyowon group

Hana Financial Group, Kyobo Book Center, and Kyowon Group each contributed 4 billion won as strategic investments to Com2Verse, a metaverse division of South Korean game developer Com2uS, on March 3.

According to Decenter, Hana Financial Group, Kyobo Book Center, and Kyowon Group each contributed 4 billion won in strategic investments to Com2Verse, for a total of 12 billion won (or about $9.5 million).

Since its founding, the firm has raised an initial capital of 15 billion won (about $11.85 million) from Com2uS, WYSIWYG Studios, and other sources. It then received a further 16 billion won (roughly $12.64 million) from luring outside investment.

Com2Bus CEO Lee Gyeong-il said:

"I think the recognition of the company vision and competitiveness shown by Com2Bus during the recent investment recession is the reason for this type of investment attraction."

The metaverse subsidiary will collaborate with Kyowon Group on metaverse education, culture, etc. through this strategic investment, conduct technical discussions on metaverse banks and metaverse financial business with Hana Financial Group, and offer a metaverse bookstore and writer community to Kyobo Book Center. Service collaboration while simultaneously encouraging many partner enterprises to open a metaverse office.

In the past, South Korean telecom giant SK Telecom (SKT) introduced its Metaverse Ifland platform in 49 nations throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The largest mobile phone provider in Japan, NTT Docomo, and SKT have agreed to work together to create content, tools, and services for the metaverse platform.

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