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Bitcoin Core Developer Uses Code To Halt NFT Auction For 0.41 Bitcoin

luke dashjr-bitcoin-nft-chanpeng zhao

Luke Dashjr, a creator of the Bitcoin core, has blasted the persons behind an NFT auction for exploiting his name and code without his consent or knowledge.

The engineer for the Bitcoin core claimed that he wasn't the first to have his name or his work used in this way.

He severed relations with an NFT after it auctioned off his code for 0.41 bitcoin, or roughly $10,000.

Dashjr said that he had not given his permission for the use of his name or code for these reasons and that he was not involved in the creation or promotion of the NFT. He declared:

"Let me be clear: I had nothing to do with developing or marketing this NFT or any other NFT. My name or my code will not be used for this purpose without my permission. Instead, third parties are promoting my name and my code to make money for themselves."

Dashjr said that he had to explain to the auction's eventual winner that he had nothing to do with the deal when they contacted him. He continued by claiming that the NFT founders had made him an offer of 90% of the earnings, which he characterized as a clear attempt to intimidate him or gain his consent. However, the developer rejected the offer and required the authors to reimburse the NFT customer for the full purchase amount.

"I felt compelled to speak up, not just for myself but also for other Bitcoin developers who have been put in such circumstances. We have been promised a large sum of money as "donations" in exchange for allowing what is happening. I do not support it."

Fright City, the auction site where the NFT was sold, promised to pay the buyer back or make a financial contribution to OpenSats in the interim.

On the final day of 2022, Dashjr was the unfortunate victim of a hack and lost all of his Bitcoins.

After learning of the crime, the well-known coder voiced shock, astonishment, and questions about why he couldn't get through to anyone at the FBI or IC3. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, promised to do his utmost to help and mentioned that there are more than 200 Bitcoins accessible.

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