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Cannabis Producer in California Uses Blockchain to Track their Product

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A blockchain smart contract will be used to certify clones, proving their validity and genetic heritage.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts have been used by a cannabis nursery in California to confirm the legitimacy of its therapeutic plants.

Mendocino Clone Company, a cannabis nursery, was included in a Jan. 13 cooperation announcement from the EMTRI project and tech company Global Compliance Applications.

By utilizing the blockchain capabilities of the project, a batch certificate will be issued for each clone or baby plant.

Cannabis nurseries are businesses with a focus on plant genetics that create clones, baby plants, and seeds for wholesale distribution.

By making the change, the nursery will be able to "record the early phases of a cannabis plant's path to becoming a premium product for consumers based on the gram weight it blossoms," according to a statement from the facility.

Each clone batch's batch certificate is a self-generated smart contract. It gives a "unique identification block" for every young plant, which is made by the nursery and connected to its Ethereum-based blockchain.

This can be used by its customers, who include retail dispensaries and commercial farms, to confirm the legitimacy of their clones and their genetic lineage, it stated.

The first week of February will see the release of the initial batch of certificate clones.

Additionally, for joining the blockchain project, authorized cultivators who buy Mendocino clones will have access to EMTRI token (EMT) prizes and better prices.

EMT was introduced in November 2022 to give project participants incentives. The tokens can be staked for increased returns or traded on Uniswap for USDC. No centralized exchanges or crypto market data aggregators like CoinGecko list EMT.

Scott Zarnes, an EMTRI Corp. co-founder, said:

“We are excited to be at the forefront of the cannabis industry becoming the first in the United States to adopt this cutting-edge technology in this manner,”

The idea of combining cryptocurrency and marijuana is not new, though.

Cannaland, a cannabis-themed Metaverse project, was introduced in November with the goal of building a virtual world for cannabis fans. A custom pipe manufacturer released tokenized bongs in January 2022, and celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Santana bought up the NFTs.

As early as 2014, initiatives like PotCoin (POT) and CannabisCoin (CANN) attempted to offer a digital currency tailored to the sector, but they never truly took off.

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