Recent statistics show that Bitcoin's (BTC) current accumulation rate has been remarkably high throughout this cycle, surpassing the levels observed during the 2018 bear market. Notwithstanding the market turmoil that earlier drove the asset to frightening lows.

Latest CryptoQuant research highlighted this positive accumulating pattern. The value of bitcoin has significantly decreased since it peaked around $69,000 last year owing to a number of causes, including unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, concerns about inflation, setbacks in the cryptocurrency industry, and political hostility between Russia and Ukraine, alongside looming World War 3 tensions.

Investors continue to gather and retain their coins in the expectation of future price increases, despite these various adverse circumstances, and the asset has shown extraordinary tenacity as a result. According to a recent study, long-term investors are consistently increasing their Bitcoin holdings.

Realized cap - UTXO age bands (%) metric is a popular tool used by analysts to track the supply dynamics of bitcoin. Based on their longevity and relative percentage of the overall realized cap, this statistic divides coins into several categories. According to this metric's statistics, the quantity of coins in circulation has been steadily rising for more than a year, which suggests significant market accumulation.

Meanwhile, Santiment recently revealed that USDC investors have steadily migrated to BTC investments even after the FTX disaster last November. The number of addresses holding USDC worth between $100,000 and $1 million has decreased by 2,001 during the last two months with investors instead collecting BTC.

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