Key Ideas:

🔹 In order to display its football experiences in the metaverse, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) officially announced its collaboration agreement with the Silicon Valley-based web3 company Uplands.

🔹 In order to improve fan engagement between Argentine football fans, teams, and players under the new integration, Liga Profesional de Ftbol (LPF), the country's professional football league, anticipates using Uplands metaverse capabilities.

🔹 The Argentine Football Association intends to offer digital real estate ownership, asset manufacturing, and virtual economies. According to the release, all NFT sales revenue would go toward paying for league overhead costs in Argentina.

AFA and the Silicon Valley-based business have formalized a licensing arrangement via which the national professional football league will debut in Upland's metaverse.

The Liga Profesional de Ftbol (LPF) will be integrated into Upland's metaverse platform as a result of the collaboration, allowing for fan interaction between Argentine football fans, clubs, and players.

Argentina is the team that most recently claimed the title of World Cup Champion, the highest honor on earth.

In a statement, Claudio Fabian Tapia, president of the AFA, said:

“The Argentine Professional League has long awaited opportunities to take advantage of emerging technologies to enhance our League’s fan experience. This agreement allows us to partner with the best creators of technology and new digital products and thus generate a new source of income for all participating clubs.”

For the purpose of reselling LPF digital collectibles in user-owned and -operated stores located on virtual properties, users will have the ability to start virtual businesses through Upland. The metaverse platform is establishing a digital setting that will permit the development of assets, the ownership of digital real estate, and a virtual economy.

According to reports, gamified chances include a variety of digital football-related assets, including teams, clubs, players, tickets, game highlights, historical moments, and other exclusive offers.

Furthermore, Upland's agreement with LPF marks a first because it gives them sole control of highlight reels from LPF games. The sale of a range of nonfungible tokens is anticipated to provide the Argentinian top-flight league with a new source of income as people purchase, sell, and exchange legal digital assets.

The agreement with the Argentine Football Association comes after Upland's partnerships with FIFA and FC Porto in the Portuguese Premier League. Upland offered the Qatar 2022 World Cup with authorized digital artifacts that included highlights from the most recent competition in compliance with the latter agreement.

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