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After 2 Notable NFT Collections, Tiny Colony Game Will Depart Solana


Soon, Tiny Colony Game will depart Solana and relocate to ImmutableX. This project is a simulation game for management and construction.

A built-in cryptocurrency wallet and the option to purchase in-game products with real money are just two of the new features that the shift will bring to the Tiny Colony environment, also known as "the Tinyverse." On Solana, the game was initially developed.

It will be added to Immutable's collection of video games, which also includes the Gods Unchained, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, and Ember Swords series.

As previously noted in a Coincu News post, the two most well-known NFT collections, Degods and y00ts, recently moved from Solana to Ethereum and Polygon, respectively.

With incentives and promises of increased support, new chains that specialize on gaming have been attempting to entice new projects from existing chains.

One project after another left the Solana ecosystem as a result of the ecosystem's reputation suffering greatly as a result of its plunge into the abyss of the FTX crash in November 2022. Sam Bankman-Fried, a fervent supporter of Solana, is still being looked into for eight crimes connected to the demise of FTX.

Since its peak, the price of the token has fallen steadily, dropping by more than 94%. At this moment, however, Solana perceives a purported rebound from the Bonk Crypto project, with BONK tokens burned through the sales of the Bonkz NFT and Solana Saga phones.

Since the bottom of $8.3, caused by the FTX meltdown, the SOL price has increased by almost 50%. SOL has increased by 29% during the previous day and is now trading at $23.6. The SOL price is still 92% below its all-time high, though.

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