In an article headlined "AI Becomes Silicon Valley's Next Buzzy Bandwagon as Crypto Boom Fizzles," the Wall Street Journal explores how trend-hoppers have switched from web3 and blockchain to artificial intelligence.

The document discusses artificial intelligence, a forthcoming technology bubble that is gaining prominence for producing content, graphics, and computer code. The so-called generative AI that powers systems like ChatGPT, the paper claims, has the potential to revolutionize how we live and work despite the technology's apparent drawbacks. Several CEOs, investors, and engineers, however, notice froth that reminds them of the previously overhyped cryptocurrency market.

Even IT specialists who managed to avoid the recent rounds of layoffs that jolted Silicon Valley are on the AI train. Among them are emigrants from the crypto frenzy, the most recent boom in the Technology sector to crash and burn.

Furthermore, some AI specialists worry that the term "artificial intelligence" may simply become another useless tech buzzword.

Ben Waber, the CEO of Humanyze, a business that examines employee behavior using AI and other technologies, added,

"The people talking about generative AI right now were the people talking about Web3 and blockchain until recently—the Venn diagram is a circle. People have just rebranded themselves."

Nonetheless, the essay contends that many in the AI sector who complain about the technology also believe in their own AI technology. Despite the dangers of AI becoming another hype-fueled bubble, the paper said that the transfer of staff and funding from computing titans failing Web3 startups and speculative SPAC-fueled businesses appears to be the precise refocusing the tech sector needs.

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