4 months ago 1 min read

Aleo Testnet 3 Has f2pool's Mining Services Launched

Aleo Testnet 3 Has f2pool's Mining Services Launched

F2pool has begun mining on Aleo testnet 3 as soon as the incentive testnet stage was enabled.

Mining profits will be accumulated in the f2pool account and distributed as credits each day in accordance with the PPLNS payout method. Rewards withdrawal and wallet addition are not currently possible.

Aleo is a brand-new layer-1 blockchain platform that enables developers to build scalable and private applications using zero-knowledge cryptography.

AleoBFT is a hybrid consensus architecture that makes advantage of PoS to provide block confirmation with immediate finality. It employs the "coinbase puzzle" of the PoW, which encourages the creation of quicker proof-generating algorithms.

With your Nvidia GPUs, users can presently mine on Aleo testnet 3.

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