Nikhilesh De, managing editor for global policy and regulation at CoinDesk, got an email from what appeared to be an official Amazon account on Friday afternoon, confirming the presence of a gallery and digital tokens on the e-commerce site.

Once a membership to an Amazon Prime Video channel was automatically renewed, De received the email as confirmation. De did not know that the platform included non-fungible tokens (NFTs), since he had not bought any NFTs from Amazon.

The email offers further details about Amazon's goals for Web3 growth and makes suggestions about potential locations for these new capabilities on the platform.

There have been rumors that Amazon will soon launch its own NFT marketplace. Although, Amazon has not yet made any public statements on the rumors

The new "digital assets enterprise," according to a Blockworks report, will concentrate on "blockchain-based gaming and associated NFT applications." The feature's debut date, April 24, was then announced in a post published earlier this month by the cryptocurrency website The Big Whale. The NFT platform is rumored to be accessible on the website via the "Amazon Digital Marketplace" page.

Although there was no mention of plans for NFTs or a marketplace for digital artifacts, Amazon's cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services, said in January that it will collaborate with Ava Labs to increase its business blockchain products.

An electronic token was allegedly put into a gallery maintained on the official Amazon website, according to the email provided to De. Nevertheless, it looks that the email's offered URL is not yet operational.

The email also discusses the possibility of reselling NFTs, stating that this would not be possible "until it's unlocked." The email further stated that before listing an NFT, De would need to "register as a reseller." Yet it also looked that the link to the sales page was broken.

He was unable to use the electronic tokens. Since the email and the confirmation of the transaction were both received around the same time, it is unclear how NFTs are related to this membership renewal.

The acceptance of NFTs by Amazon might be a significant step toward Web3's widespread adoption by its millions of users worldwide. Andy Jassey, the CEO of Amazon, has shown interest in blockchain technology. In April 2022, he told CNBC that he anticipates NFTs "will continue to develop very rapidly" and that crypto integration may be "possible down the road."

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