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An Even Wilder Data Aside From XRP Nearing 4.35 Million Accounts


XRP Ledger Services, which monitors XRPL's activity, reports that there are presently 4,342,550 XRP accounts. The total quantity of XRP held by these accounts in their wallets is 55.7 billion, of which 43.425 million XRP represents the amount of reserves that are blocked when the wallet is formed.

But what's intriguing is how few empty XRP wallets there actually are. Only 948 of the many millions of XRP accounts, if the data is to be accepted, are empty. As a result, only 0.02% of all XRP accounts are empty.

The portal also discloses that 44.3 billion XRPs, out of the total of 99.99 billion XRPs in circulation, are held in escrow accounts.

Price Movement of XRP

While 44% of all XRP is held in functioning accounts, the remaining 76% is traded on the cryptocurrency market, where there are 17.25 trillion XRP available on decentralized exchanges alone. The fact that not all of this supply listed on the DEX is funded must be made clear.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The price of XRP has been circling at $0.47 for the past month, where it was after a 40% increase in the final ten days of September. As the resolution of the legal dispute between the SEC and Ripple, which will define the status of the cryptocurrency, is awaited, the price of XRP appears to be frozen, or rather, trade will continue indefinitely.

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