5 months ago 1 min read

Anthony Scaramucci Claims FTX Crisis Caused the Worst Week in Crypto History


Anthony Scaramucci claimed that the situation has gotten worse after a week of chaos in the cryptocurrency market caused by the FTX crash. He claimed that because cryptocurrency is a better technology for transactions, his company SkyBridge made a significant investment in it. Anthony Scaramucci previously praised Binance and Sam Bankman-Fried FTX's after the two disclosed they were considering a merger to address the latter's liquidity difficulties. The founder of SkyBridge discussed the FTX problem in a recent article but refrained from labeling it a hoax just yet.

SBF Needs to Have a Word With the Regulators

Scaramucci disclosed that he and Sam Bankman-Fried had recently spoken about assisting the FTX CEO raise money. Speaking to CNBC on Friday, he claimed that according to many of his business peers, this has been the worst week ever for cryptocurrencies. He stated that he doesn't like the industry to be in such a condition as he expressed his anguish about the circumstance. He advised the FTX CEO to contact the appropriate authorities and detail what transpired.

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