The biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase (COIN), has announced that its network is now linked with Ethereum Layer-2 scalability solution Arbitrum One's network. As a consequence, the network of Arbitrum now supports Coinbase deposits and withdrawals in currencies including ETH, DAI, and WBTC.

Talk about ARBI's long-awaited airdrop has once again been stoked by the announcement of the merger of the network that is now receiving the most attention and one of the largest crypto exchanges.

Arbitrum, debatably the biggest phenomenon of recent months in the Ethereum ecosystem, already holds a significant portion of the Layer-2 market and leads in several important blockchain indicators. Comparatively, on the previous day, Arbitrum overtook Ethereum to become the second-largest network in terms of volume on decentralized exchanges.

The airdrop of native tokens for the rapidly growing network ARBI, which was anticipated as early as last year, has not yet taken place. The spring of 2022 saw a quite substantial airdrop of tokens from the competing network Optimism (OP), which is still vivid in the minds of cryptocurrency fans. They anticipate the next event with increasing fervor, hoping it will be just as significant as the previous ones.

The more ARBI is discussed, however, the less is known about the coin and the token economy that surrounds it. Yet, using Optimism's OP as an example once more, we can suppose that ARBI will serve as a governance mechanism in addition to providing a reward for Arbitrum's efforts and may eventually be used to purchase gas on its network.

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