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Ares Testnet on Mars Hub is Now Available with $100,000 Bug Bounty

ares testnet-mars hub-cosmoverse

According to a statement from Mars, the Cosmos-SDK appchain's public testnet, which is built on the Cosmos Ares protocol, has gone online. Developers and validators can converse with the testnet.

Additionally, a bug bounty program for Ares was launched in cooperation between Mars and Immunefi, with awards starting at $100,000.

One may be eligible for the bounty if they discover a bug on the Mars Hub testnet and report it to Immunefi.com. The Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Categorization System V2.2's classification of the vulnerability's impact determines the rewards that are given out.

To be eligible for a prize, each bug report needs to have a proof-of-concept (PoC) that illustrates how the final result would impact an asset that is under its purview. Code is required; justifications and assertions are not sufficient to demonstrate the notion.

Mars Hub is the "hub" or "coordinating hub" in a "hub and spoke" system. Other L1 chains connected to Mars Hub are used as "spokes." Each spoke will house an outpost made up of Red Bank and Rover credit account contracts.

Prior to the takeoff of Mars' initial outpost on Osmosis, the Hub must be built. To do that, 50 permissionless validators must carefully coordinate and carry out extensive testing. After creation, anyone with sufficient MARS or delegated MARS to join the validator set can validate.

Validators with questions can utilize the Ares testnet as a sandbox to learn more about the network and begin preparing their equipment for the impending mainnet launch.

For the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond, Mars is a cutting-edge interchain credit protocol primitive that enables non-custodial borrowing and lending. With its hub and spoke design, Mars can connect to any chain in the Cosmoverse and gives rise to a brand-new primitive: the Rover.

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