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Australia Surpassed El Salvador in Rankings for Largest Crypto ATM Hubs

el salvador-australia-nayib bukele-ONBTC

El Salvador's position as the fourth-largest hub for cryptocurrency ATMs was short-lived as Australia developed during the following months.

Australia built 99 cryptocurrency ATMs in the last three months of 2022, according to CoinATMRadar statistics. Australia outnumbered El Salvador by 7 ATMs as of this writing, with 225 operating crypto ATMs as of January 1, 2023. In the list of nations with the most crypto ATM installations, the nation has fallen another spot.

With 222 cryptocurrency ATMs, Poland has surpassed El Salvador in addition to Australia. The US tops the list of nations with the most crypto ATM installations, and as a result of recent crypto-related problems, its policy has become more cautious.

Spain and Canada are still ranked second and third, respectively. However, Canada has roughly ten times as many cryptocurrency ATMs as Spain.

In an effort to make Bitcoin a legal tender, President Nayib Bukele made the decision to install more than 200 bitcoin ATMs across the country.

After the United States and Canada, El Salvador was at the time, in September 2021, the third-largest location for cryptocurrency ATMs. However, in 2022, Spain, Australia, and Poland overtook El Salvador in terms of ATM density.

In order to oversee all cryptocurrency projects, the El Salvadoran government established the new National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC), Designing, diagnosing, planning, coordinating, following up, measuring, analyzing, and evaluating strategies, programs, and initiatives linked to Bitcoin for the nation's economic development is the mission of ONBTC.

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