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Bankrupt Crypto Broker Liquidated 2.24 Trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB) in Weeks

shiba inu-shibarium-coinbase-voyager-kusama-bone-coinbase

Voyager, a bankrupt cryptocurrency trader, appears to have recently sold its assets via Coinbase.

On February 14, Voyager has been delivering assets to the cryptocurrency exchange and just got $100 million USDC from Coinbase.

On February 14, 2.24 trillion SHIB, equal to $28 million, were transferred from Voyager to Coinbase.

250 billion SHIB were sent to Coinbase twice. Following the enormous movements, the insolvent cryptocurrency broker now owns 6.5 trillion Shiba Inu (SHIB), which are valued $81 million.

Shibarium Update and Shiba Inu Burning

Shibburn tweeted that seven transactions totaling 4,719,423 SHIB tokens were completed throughout the course of the previous day.

Yet, throughout the past week, 30 transactions and a total of 37,373,963 SHIB tokens were burnt.

Shytoshi Kusama, the chief developer for Shiba Inu, changed his Twitter bio from a single full stop to three dots, which has led to more rumors about the Layer 2 Shibarium test debut. Three dots in a sentence frequently signify omission, stop, or the absence of something.

What message the SHIB lead developer wants to convey is still a mystery.

A Twitter account dedicated to BONE, the Layer 2 Shibarium, would highlight Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu stated:

"My expectation is that after Shibarium is published, the world's leading news agencies will talk about Shibarium and bone,"
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