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Barry Silbert Hits Back at Cameron Winklevoss

Barry Silbert Hits Back at Cameron Winklevoss

The CEO and founder of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert, reacted to Cameron Winklevoss' open letter on the alleged $1.675 billion debt of DCG on Wednesday.

Silbert's tweet concentrated on rejecting any missing payments and reiterating that DCG was current on all existing loans and had never missed an interest payment. The next payment was due in May 2023.

Additionally, he emphasized his company's ongoing attempts to present a solution for Gemini Earn users by December 29.

In response to Winklevoss' letter, which details the rising worries of 340,000 Earn users who have lent a total of $900 million to DCG, Silbert tweeted in response.

According to the letter, many of these people have invested their life savings and their kids' education money.

Winklevoss emphasized that it became apparent that Silbert's claimed "bad faith delay tactics" were having a substantial impact on individuals impacted when Genesis, a DCG subsidiary, paused its withdrawal in November. Silbert has thus far declined to cooperate with Earn users to develop a workable solution, despite several suggestions.

Given how much faith individuals have placed in Silbert, Winklevoss finds his actions intolerable and deplorable. The co-founder of Gemini asks him to publicly commit to resolve this matter by January 8 and pushes him to accept accountability for his own conduct.

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