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Before Q1, Trader Joe DEX and NFT Marketplace will Extend to BNB Chain

BNB chain-defi-joepegs-joe dex

BNB Chain will have access to the DeFi trading platforms Trader Joe DEX and NFT marketplace before the end of March.

Users of the BNB Chain will have access to Liquidity Book for token trading and the Joepegs NFT marketplace for participating in the launch of new NFT collections.

Liquidity providers can raise their fees while putting less money at risk by using the Liquidity Book. Traders can profit indirectly from efficiency gains since they receive higher pricing and less slippage on their trades.

In a statement, BNB Chain's Alvin Kan, director of growth and operations, said:

"We believe the efficiency and security of BNB Chain, combined with the user-friendly offerings of the Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT Marketplace, will drive growth and success for the wider NFT and DeFi ecosystem.”

The adjustments will significantly enhance the services provided to the BNB Chain neighborhood.

The efficiency and security of the BNB Chain, as well as the user-friendly services offered by Trader Joe DEX and Joepegs NFT marketplace, will drive the wider NFT and DeFi ecosystem.

Among all Avalanche applications, Trader Joe has the highest overall trading volume, Joepegs had over 35,000 users and enabled secondary sales of over $9.7 million at the time this article was written.

Additionally, Trader Joe took measures to promote the Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum last month. Joepegs disclosed a $5 million investment in a round co-led by Avalanche Foundation and the since-gone FTX Ventures in November.

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