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Binance Begins Space ID (ID) Token Sale As 30th Project To Launched

binance-space id-bnb

On March 22, 2023, Space ID (ID), the 30th project to be launched by Binance Launchpad, will go live. User BNB balances will be recorded for five days commencing on March 17th, 2023, and ending on March 22nd, 2023, in accordance with the usual Launchpad subscription structure.

The ultimate BNB holding amount for each user will be calculated as the average of the five days using the Daily Average BNB Balance computation. During this five-day period, user BNB balances will be calculated in hourly snapshots.

With a hard cap of 15,000 USD (600,000 ID) per user, the launchpad hard cap for Space ID is set at 2,500,000 USD. There are 2,000,000,000 Space ID tokens in circulation, of which 100,000,000 (or 5% of the total) are reserved for Binance Launchpad.

1 ID = 0.025 USD is the public auction token price for Space ID, with the price in BNB being established before subscription. Users must commit their BNB during the three-hour subscription period on March 22, 2023, as only BNB supports the subscription format.

Once committed, the BNB tokens will be frozen, preventing users from redeeming them or using any other features like transfers, withdrawals, or trading until the tokens are distributed in full. On March 22, 2023, the final token distribution will be determined, and the associated BNB will be subtracted from the user's already-locked BNB balance. The ID and BNB tokens will be transferred to the user's spot wallet after deduction.

Overall, Space ID (ID) is an exciting project with a decent hard cap and a constrained token supply. Investors can take advantage of this chance to invest in the project and possibly see a healthy return on their money.

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