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Blockchain Technology Used By Indian Railways


The Indian Railways have made the historically significant choice to use blockchain technology. This came after a highly instructive and enlightening session was held at the Vadodara, Gujarat-based National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR). Together with ChainCode Consulting and Polygon, we conducted this exact exercise.

Professor Vijay Malviya, who also serves as the course director at NAIR, deserves credit for coming up with the idea for this ground-breaking workshop, which was held from February 15 through February 17, 2023, over a three-day period. Dr. Satya N. Gupta, the Chairman of the Blockchain for Productivity Forum, is also present with him.

There were officials from the Indian Railways zonal offices present during the event who actively participated. They received education on the value of blockchain as well as cutting-edge technology that will play a critical role in improving how the railways operate as a whole. A number of use cases, as well as the difficulties the officers and the entire railway environment faced, were presented.

One of the identified problem areas was the requirement for a single certificate validation to confirm the necessary skills and information for railway experts. The experts pointed out that this very important issue might be successfully resolved by the granting of NFT-oriented certifications. As a result, it will be feasible to control, oversee, and authenticate the skills of the pertinent Railway officials.

In this issue, it is ChainCode Consulting, in partnership with the Indian Railways, that has produced unique Phygital NFT Certificates that have been duly minted on the Polygon Ecosystem for the sake of all of the participants. NFTrace has been used in order to do this. The purpose of this was to expose the participating officials to hands-on experience so they could become familiar with how exactly it operates. The advantages of using smart contracts were also covered in the information.

Unquestionably the greatest supplier of enterprise-level goods and services for enhancing enterprises' capacity to operate using decentralized, access-controlled, and secure paradigms is ChainCode Consulting. The blockchains offered by Polygon, on the other hand, are Web3 compliant, upgradeable, safe, and long-lasting. Polygon is a pioneer in blockchain development platforms.

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