According to a developer announcement on December 22, the Build and Build (BNB) Chain currently has more unique addresses than Ethereum. Blockchain data reveals that the Bitcoin network is still larger than both BNB Chain and Ethereum, despite the developer's assertion that this makes BNB Chain "the largest tier 1 blockchain in the world."

Ethereum presently has over 217 million unique addresses, according to Etherscan. BscScan estimates that BNB Chain has approximately 233 million distinct addresses in contrast. This suggests that by this criterion, BNB Chain is bigger than Ethereum.

The announcement was made as part of BNB Chain's "Year in Review," which also featured other noteworthy achievements accomplished by the BNB network in the previous calendar year. The network hit a daily transaction ceiling of 9.8 million in May and 2.2 million daily active users (DAUs), where DAUs are the number of distinct addresses that engage with a smart contract each day.

The network's success in 2022 is attributed by the creators to a number of this year's projects. The BNB Sidechain protocol enabled developers of decentralized applications (Dapps) to operate their Dapps on different network shards, decreasing network congestion and transaction costs.

Second, the team provided a builder grant and a $10 million incentive scheme for Dapp developers, which encouraged the development of more Dapps for the BNB Chain and increased user interest.

In addition, "Soulbound tokens" were made available, enabling users to register wallet addresses for Know Your Customer (KYC) purposes by keeping non-transferable tokens in their wallets. The creators assert that this improved the standing of BNB Chain in the NFT and Web3 gaming industries.

The organization also attributed its expansion to the release of Avenger DAO, an API that warns BNB Chain users anytime they engage with contracts that have been marked as dangerous. According to the team, this increased user retention since customers felt safer using the BNB network.

Despite these achievements, BNB Chain continues to face criticism for being overly controlled from a large portion of the blockchain community. It is mentioned in the post that the network installed 23 validators this year and intends to add 60 more in the upcoming months, which should assist to decentralize the network from its previous state. Ethereum, in contrast, has more than 400,000 validators.

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