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Logan Paul Threatens to Sue Coffeezilla Over Allegations That CryptoZoo is a Scam

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Logan Paul intends to sue Coffeezilla for engaging in unethical and careless journalistic methods after alleging that he was stabbed in the back by those he trusted.

Logan Paul, a YouTuber, responded to Stephen Findeisen, aka Coffeezilla, after the latter was accused of defrauding CryptoZoo investors.

Paul claimed that everyone he trusted had betrayed him.

Paul said in his opening remarks that Coffeezilla's inquiries into CryptoZoo were driven by a desire to capitalize on his notoriety. In pursuing influence, he continued, Findeisen had exposed himself to "quite severe ramifications."

"Like many others on this site, you have utilized my name to garner views and cash. Your work used to be objective, but your click addiction has affected your judgment, and you've made very serious mistakes with very real consequences."

Paul then criticized Findeisen's reliability by claiming that his writing has devolved into unfounded rumors.

In support of these assertions, Paul drew attention to "fundamental anomalies" in Findeisen's inquiries, such as the inability to address the criminal record of the developer named Zach Kelling, who "stole the game code," fled to Switzerland, and then sought $1,000,000 to have it returned.

Paul attributed Kelling's hiring to Lead Dev Eddie Ibanez, whom he had faith would thoroughly screen everyone involved in the project. The owner of the New York Yankees, the Morman Church, and now me had all been duped by Ibanez, he later learned.

Paul continued by refuting assertions that CryptoZoo was underdeveloped and challenged the process of hatching NFT eggs.

By claiming that recorded discussions with Findeisen's manager, Jeff Levin, were made without his consent and subsequently shared online, the social media star raised more questions about Findeisen's methods.

"You published the defamation despite the fact that you checked no references, substantiated no proof, accepted the statements of many criminals as true, and violated the law."

However, Findeisen received praise for his coverage of Crypto King Jake (CKJ), who Paul acknowledged had embezzled $6 million from the undertaking. But as soon as his malicious aim was uncovered, CKJ was fired. Ibanez was also fired after stealing $1.7 million.

Paul stated in the response video that he and Levin did not pay out, which was further supported by Findeisen's blockchain investigation.

"I'll say it again: Jeff and I didn't make any money on CryptoZoo and never will. In actuality, we only spent money attempting to patch things up.

Paul stated that due to ongoing criminal investigations into both CKJ and Ibanez, his legal team had instructed him to refrain from any comment.

Logan Paul suggests that Coffeezilla be sued.

Paul stated the project is being worked on, but no timetable was provided for a final deployment, refuting claims that it was a cash grab with no intention to provide a finished product.

Paul summarized by claiming, "everything [was] taken from me and our community," he stopped project marketing to assess the severity of the issue, and he "took all of the heat on social," while Findeisen continued to disseminate slanderous material to benefit himself.

Paul said that failure to immediately address the problems and communicate in a timely manner justifies legal action.

Paul said that failure to immediately address the problems and communicate in a timely manner justifies legal action.

Findeisen responded by claiming that Paul did not express regret to the victims or accept responsibility for what happened. He continued by saying that he would respond in greater detail after some reflection.

Later, Findeisen refuted Paul's assertion that he had not contacted her soon, asking whether "he truly reached out on this one."

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