4 months ago 1 min read

Celer Network Deployed on Sei Ecosystem


Celer Network will first integrate cBridge support for the Sei mainnet in order to open up Sei and enable interoperability with external blockchains. Celer intends to include the Celer Inter-chain Messaging (Celer IM) framework shortly after.

Celer will support token transfers between external chains and Sei via the lock-and-mint approach of xAsset, which supports asset bridging.

This enables dApps to create NFT bridges, the ability to buy and sell NFTs across other chains, and cross-chain reward claiming, as well as dApps to create fluid cross-chain UXs between Sei and numerous external blockchains. All of these tasks and more are not only possible with Celer IM, but can also be delivered to customers as a one-click, one-transaction UX.

The Sei aims to create a Decentralized NASDAQ for Web3 by serving as an extremely low-cost, secure, and fast Layer 1 blockchain for the DeFi space.

Sei is being built on by more than 60 teams from Solana, Polkadot, Terra, and NEAR as the mainnet launches, and Celer Network is excited to support this growing ecosystem.

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