As AI technology continues to gain popularity in 2023, ChatGPT has emerged as one of the leading consumer applications. As a result, other industry leaders are now showing interest in the underlying technology.

Joining the ranks of those exploring AI is Discord, a well-known instant messaging social platform. The platform has revealed eight new AI tools and applications, which will be accessible to all Discord servers at an upcoming AI virtual event. Although some of these applications will require manual installation, the platform is currently working towards integrating the widely popular ChatGPT technology.

Discord's Clyde Will Be Powered by ChatGPT Technology

The current bot, Clyde, will be driven by ChatGPT technology and function mostly in a manner similar to that of the AI bot. Users will be able to ask Clyde any questions, much like ChatGPT, and they will quickly receive an answer within seconds.

The other AI technologies that were introduced at the event are also being thoroughly investigated by Discord. Upgrades are also being made to the Automod tool, which is already a component of the platform. A collaborative whiteboard app, an avatar-remix bot, a safety and research-focused bot called "Anthropic," and a tutor bot for kids called "Juni" are a few additional AI innovations.

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