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Citron Research Still Pessimistic About Ethereum (ETH)

Citron Research Still Pessimistic About Ethereum (ETH)

The most well-known short-selling firm, Citron Research, declared it will keep shorting ETH, the second-largest cryptocurrency. Citron has shared its opinion on Twitter that the $130 billion token has just as many logical faults as the entire SBF tale. However, Citron said that it will no longer be brief in 2021 as a result of GameStop.

Week earlier, Citron Research tweeted out:

Citron even called out the US Government stating:

Citron Reignites the Short-Selling Blaze

The company has reassured its workforce that the current cryptocurrency crisis won't dissuade them in response to the bad crypto weather. Citron claims that short-selling has been rekindled. It thinks that a lot of equities are overvalued because investors think "someone else done the homework." Nevertheless, Citron doesn't appear to care all that much about the FTX disaster's victims.

You may recall that Citron stated in 2021 that GameStop would prevent it from being short. In the midst of the retail purchasing frenzy in January 2021, Citron announced it would stop publishing short reports and concentrate on long positions. After speculative retail traders drove up GameStop's shares last year, the declaration was made by Andrew Left, founder of Citron Research and a short seller. He lost money when he partially covered his short position in the retailer of video games.

“After 20 years of publishing Citron will no longer publish ‘short reports’. Ee will focus on giving long side multibagger opportunities for individual investors.”
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