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Colombia's Law System's Metaverse Experimentation


Following the recent staging of a trial in the metaverse, Colombia has established itself at the forefront of cutting-edge methods for carrying out legal processes.

A recent metaverse trial was held in a Colombian court, and the court magistrate said it felt "more real than a video conversation."

On February 15, the Magdalena Administrative Court of Colombia held a court proceeding in the metaverse involving parties to a traffic conflict.
The lawsuit, which lasted over two hours and pitted a local transport union against the police, will "partially" proceed in the metaverse. The metaverse is another possible location for the judgment.

In a digital courtroom with Magistrate Maria Quinones Triana clothed in formal black robes, the participants were represented by avatars.

Quinones told Reuters that it felt more "real than a video chat," making Colombia one of the first nations in the world to test out legal proceedings in the metaverse.

69% of respondents thought the metaverse would eventually change social behaviors as a result of novel ways to entertainment and activities.

The "real world side" of the metaverse will "emerge in the next 10 years," according to Cathy Hackl, author of Entering the Metaverse: The Essential Guide to the Commercial Possibilities of the Web3 Age.

Hackl pointed out that the impact of the metaverse on socializing would be significant. This is evident from the World Economic Forum's 3D immersive digital sessions called the "Global Collaboration Village" which were held in January of this year. These sessions provided delegates with a metaverse experience.

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