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Community Member Refused to Return 1.3M LUNA Incorrectly Airdropped, According to Terra


In a recent tweet, Terra claimed that one of the community members in charge of looking after the Terra community fund was refusing to provide the community team its share of the airdrop proceeds in May 2022.

When Phoenix-1 was launched in May 2022, there was a mistake in the Genesis airdrop event, according to Terra. The community's CW3 multi-sig wallets, which held significant amounts of LUNC and USTC, were blacklisted yet nonetheless got an erroneous LUNA airdrop.

With the exception of Jimmy from the community, the other signers gave LUNA back to the organization. 1,347,810,646 LUNA were distributed to Jimmy at the moment as fake airdrop tokens.

Jimmy requested staking rewards from this wallet between May 29 and June 6 and sent them to a central exchange account. On June 11, he gave these LUNA stake awards back to the public.

Jimmy then transfers these LUNAs to a new validator dubbed "Charity Block" for staking rewards after privately re-approving them for the LUNCDAO project.

According to Terra, they offered Jimmy a plan in which he could return the money and send it to the community to vote on the suggested form of government, but Jimmy allegedly refused to comply with their request.

The founder of Terra, Do Kwon, is wanted by Korean police and Interpol. Terra failed in May of last year. The inquiry into Terra's death is still ongoing by the Korean government, but it is taking longer than expected because Do Kwon's precise whereabouts is still unknown.

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