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Community Opposition To Planned NFT Collecting In ApeCoin

ApeCoin-ApeCoin community-NFT collections-metaverse

The establishment of a new NFT series was proposed and was ultimately defeated in a vote by the ApeCoin Community.

ApeCoin Armory Club and ApeCoin Pet Club, the two proposed NFT collections, were intended to have 20,000 NFTs each. The projected $168,000 cost of the NFTs would have been distributed without charge to the crypto community.

The plan has a lot of potential for the NFT collections, despite being turned down. The collections' ability to be linked with other NFT and metaverse initiatives like Otherside, Decentraland, and The Sandbox may have provided options for this. This would have made it possible for the collections to show up in the 3D metaverse worlds of other projects.

The two proposed NFT collections, ApeCoin Armory Club and ApeCoin Pet Club, were designed to contain 20,000 NFTs each. The crypto community would have received the NFTs for free, saving the estimated $168,000 cost.

While being rejected, the proposal offers a lot of potential for the NFT collections. Options for this may have been made available by the collections' potential to be connected to other NFT and metaverse projects like Otherside, Decentraland, and The Sandbox. This would have allowed the collections to appear in other projects' 3D metaverse realms.

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