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Creator Hub Is Launched Coinbase NFT To Promote Web3 Innovation


The debut of the Creator Hub, a creation hub designed to streamline the process of starting an NFT collection and growing a Web3 community, was announced by Coinbase NFT.

Given the backlash Coinbase received for suspending its Creators Drop feature earlier this year, the story is fairly humorous. To draw more users to cryptocurrency and Web3, the company is still releasing fresh services and goods.

A one-stop shop for artistic tools will be the Creator Hub. With the help of these tools, users may start NFT collections in three easy steps: selecting contracts, selecting the minting settings, editing the photographs, descriptions, price, and minting time, and then adding the items to their collections. The wallet can be bought right now on the market.

Also, users may receive help from the Creator Center in creating Discord bots to track NFT sales (on Coinbase NFT, OpenSea, and LooksRare), query and download comprehensive lists of NFT holders, integrate NFT collections on personal websites, and create token-gated experiences.

The tool's capabilities allow you to embed an NFT collection on a website, launch an NFT collection in three stages, and keep track of sales on Discord.

The ability to create gated experiences that were only accessible to NFT holders as well as tools for evaluating holder wallets were further features.

For the first time in a very long time, it appears like Coinbase NFT has made a significant upgrade to its platform.

In the evening of February 23, Coinbase and Optimism officially unveiled their new service, the layer-2 Base solution. On the day the Base testnet launched, users paid mint NFT $462,000 in transaction fees.

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