Despite the doom of the current cryptocurrency winter and the downfall of industry titans like FTX, the community seems to to be optimistic about cryptocurrencies, per a recent study.

Since Bitcoin achieved its all-time high of $69,000 in November 2021, the cryptocurrency markets had a tremendous sell-off in 2022, with the overall market capitalization falling by about 70%.

However, this did not stop investors from increasing their bitcoin purchases; according to a online poll, 41% of participants bought cryptocurrency in 2022.

The "Crypto Confidence: A Survey on Investor Sentiment" survey was carried out between November 28 and December 9 and published on December 22. One of the busiest cryptocurrency websites in the world, Explorer, was surveyed by the company on behalf of more than 40,000 website visitors from across the world.

The survey's findings show that a sizable proportion of respondents are also inclined to acquire cryptocurrencies in the upcoming year. Despite 2022 being a difficult year for the cryptocurrency sector, almost 40% of respondents said they planned to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in 2023.

Furthermore, approximately 40% of respondents said that they will discuss cryptocurrency around the holiday table this year, which is seen to be a sign of rising awareness.

The study offers some geographic insights in addition to general investor opinion, indicating that Ghana, Nigeria, and Brazil are developing among the most bullish nations.

Brazilian respondents made up 50% of those who said they would purchase cryptocurrency in 2022, and 50% of those who said they would do so the next year. 60% of Ghanaian respondents indicated they anticipate to buy cryptocurrency in 2023, compared to 50% of Nigerian respondents who said they bought cryptocurrency this year.

In contrast, the two nations with the most pessimistic investor opinion toward cryptocurrencies were Germany and Italy. Only 31% of respondents from Italy claimed to have bought cryptocurrency this year, with 29% wanting to do so this year. Only 34% of German respondents said they had purchased cryptocurrencies in 2022, and 30% said they would do so in 2023.

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