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Crypto Whale Exchanges 3.43M LDO For 7.28M AGIX And 2,824 ETH

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Blockchain monitoring company Lookonchain has discovered a whale transaction that exchanged Lido (LDO) tokens for SingularityNET (AGIX) on the Binance exchange. The company stated that the whale deposited 3.43 million LDO, or $8.2 million, to Binance.

The whale received 7.28 million AGIX, or $3.6 million, and 2,824 ETH, or $4.66 million, in exchange for the transferred LDO. Following that, the whale reportedly added AGIX liquidity to Uniswap.

AGIX is ranked #22 on CoinMarketCap's list of Trending Cryptocurrencies and is one of the altcoins that has recently attracted a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency market. The SingularityNET project's native token, AGIX, has increased by almost 33% in the last week due to the inflow of capital.

The native token of SingularityNET, AGIX, allows users to vote on the SingularityNET network, which offers a marketplace where users can create, share, and monetize AI services. Analysts claim that AGIX is among the highest beneficiaries of the growing interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) promoted by OpenAI's ChatGPT. Additionally, it offers users the possibility to stake their token and potentially earn interest by doing so.

The introduction of ChatGPT has given AI-based crypto tokens momentum, the majority of which have followed a pattern resembling that of AGIX. Users anticipate that this trend will continue, giving investors additional motivation to hold onto their token holdings.

As of the time of writing, AGIX had a trading day gain of 10.57% and was trading at $0.4986. After recovering from a setback the day before, when the price dropped to $0.4123, it has started to go higher again.

There wasn't a lot of information in Lookonchain's report. Yet, as one of Lookonchain's responders stated, some cryptocurrency users think that now would be a good moment to buy AGIX.

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