The debut of Angelic on Immutable X was announced by web3 game developer Metaverse Game Studios on December 20.

Designed as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called Angelic with authentication, authorisation, and accounting features (AAA). It is anticipated that the game will premiere at the end of January 2023 and is now in its alpha testing phase.

Anastasia Volgemut, Director of Operations at Metaverse Game Studios, commented on the support for Immutable X;

“By leveraging ImmutableX, our users can tap into the benefits of fast, secure, and gas-free minting and an uninterrupted, quality gaming experience.”

The creators of well-known video games like Diablo, League of Legends, and Far Cry founded Metaverse Game Studios. In a fundraising round that was spearheaded by Animoca Brands, Everyrealm, and Pantera Capital in March, the firm raised $10 million.


Angelic is a dark science fiction-themed narrative strategic role-playing game created using Unreal Engine 5. Gameplay that is interesting is prioritized during development to make sure that “traditional gamers can enjoy it as much as Web3-native players.”

Angelic will allow actual ownership of in-game assets and be hosted off-chain, although it can link to various chins, beginning with Immutable X. The in-game objects that players possess will be stored on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as NFT tokens.

Gameplay Centrism

Unlike the strategy of "click-to-earn," which was adopted by numerous Web3 games in recent years, Angelic characterizes itself as "collaborate-to-earn." However, Angelic is not the only project that shifts its emphasis from participation to gaming.

Web3 gaming giants including Zilliqa, Tyranno Studios, Polkastarter Gaming, and Angelic's partner Immutable X have been saying that the focus is shifting away from "easy money" and towards "compelling gameplay."

Michael Rubinelli, the Chief Games Officer of Tyranno Studios, claims that a new age of Web3 gaming that focuses on gameplay began in the first quarter of 2022. Rubinelli claims that the latest generation of Web3 gaming promotes user experience above simple mining and that "click-to-earn" games are basic, smart contracts that are "as far away from a game as possible."

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