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Did Celebrities Who Bought NFT Experience Big Financial Losses?

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Bored ApeYacht Club #6723 by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has a long history in the cryptocurrency sector. He purchased a number of NFTs worth a combined $366,324 in December 2021, the most significant of which was. BAYC #6723. The cost of BAYC #6723 as of this writing is $84,514.16.

Two Mutant Apes and a Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT are among the other NFTs, and those who are familiar with Snoop Dogg should be aware that he appreciates the characteristics of Leopard cheetahs.

Snoop is now an NFT creator in addition to being a collector. The amount of collections he is presently displaying on Opensea is around 3,100, and even though the majority of them are the same NFT with a different token ID, which seems a little unusual, at least he is committed to the NFT market.

Neymar Jr. - #5269, #6633 Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Brazilian soccer star contributed to the NFT mania at the time by purchasing BAYC #5269 in January 2022 for a whooping $569,531. It is now worth $121,992, meaning Neymar lost $447,539. I like it, but it doesn't seem like a buzz purchase.

Given that his gallery on Opensea included 63 NFTs, Neymar actually purchased a sizable number of NFTs in 2022. Additionally, he possesses BAYC #6633, which cost him an additional $480,359 in January 2022. However, as this NFT is now only worth $88,742, he also lost $391,617.

The BAYC variation MAYC #10953, which Neymar purchased for $170,639 in April 2022 but has since lost $145,632 in value, is another significant item in his collection.

I wouldn't be shocked if Neymar received some of the other NFTs in his collection as freebies for some reason because they appear a little out of place.

Thus, as of this writing, he has lost $984,788 after spending $1,220,529 on three premium NFTs that are now worth a total of $235,741. Neymar is not just one of those famous people who spends a lot of money on monkeys alone; he owns numerous NFTs and is deeply involved in the NFT industry.

Bored Ape Yacht Club #9055 by Eminem

One of the greatest rappers of all time, Eminem, too hopped on the NFT bandwagon and purchased BAYC #9055 on New Year's Eve 2021 for $453,776. Eminem lost $365,030 on it, or nearly $1,000 each day as of this writing, as its current value is barely $88,746.

Like Neymar, Eminem is all in on the market as seen by the 109 NFTs he displayed on Opensea. His BAYC isn't really spectacular, but it does have some cool items. His profile, nevertheless, is terrible because he made no effort.

For the normal individual, spending close to $500,000 for a picture of a monkey would be absurd, but for a famous guy like Eminem, it would be simple. He took advantage of the BAYC he purchased since the music video he made with Snoop Dogg and another rapper featured their monkey, which was really impressive.

Bored Ape Yacht Club by Justin Bieber, #3001

Justin Bieber shelled out a hefty $1,301,550 for one of the most uninteresting monkeys ever seen. Given that its present value is only $86,613, a loss of $1,214,937 would be devastating. Fortunately, he is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, so he can afford to lose more than $1 million without batting an eye.

Justin's Opensea NFT profile is equally unimpressive, but he has been accumulating NFTs and currently owns roughly 1,900 of them, so he's just buying the hype because other celebs are shelling out cash for NFTs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club #1294 - Paris Hilton

Another prominent celebrity, Paris Hilton, lost $200,402 after spending $287,055 on a monkey in January 2022; the animal is now only worth $86,653.

Paris has a lengthy history in the cryptocurrency sector, so it's only fair that she didn't suffer a significant loss because she recognized the worth of NFTs and the potential they have for the future. About 1,500 NFTs are in her Opensea collection, and she has already produced close to 26,000 NFTs.

Before we talk about additional NFT types, here are some other famous people who have bought monkeys: Jimmy Fallon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Timbaland, and Steve Aoki.

Serena Williams is CryptoPunk #2949

Serena Williams, a famous tennis player, paid $177,123 for an NFT of this pixelated bad guy in June 2021 because she thought it looked like a tennis player. It is difficult to appraise because it isn't currently offered in any markets. However, she would only be able to swap roughly $102,876 today if she continued to hold the 85 ETH she paid for the NFT, representing a loss of $74,247.

She has 66 NFTs in her anonymous Opensea profile, and it appears that she is spending more money on numerous little initiatives.

CryptoPunk #2140 by Gary Vaynerchuk

You can only assume that businessman and Internet star Gary Vaynerchuk, who paid $3,953,216 (1,600 ETH) for CryptoPunk #2140, is an ETH whale since if you're investing 2% of your net worth on an NFT, you'd need a good reason as well.

Similarly, CryptoPunk #2140 is difficult to value, but he would have to accept a $2 million loss if he kept the 1,600 ETH he used to purchase the NFT.

He possesses 6,800 NFTs, according to his Opensea profile, making him a true NFT collector. Some of them have cost him money, but having a net worth of $200 million makes it irrelevant.

Bumble Bee by Logan Paul

Influencer Logan Paul spent an astounding $667,000 for it in December 2021, and it is now only worth $2,000, a $665k loss.

Rogan also has five CryptoPunks, numbered 2294, 6762, 5569, 7861, and 4484. The most costly of these is CryptoPunk #2294, which he acquired on February 25, 2021, for 110 ETH ($163,003). He has, however, repeatedly said in the open that he intends to hang onto these NFTs for a long time and does not have any immediate plans to sell them.


In any case, it's entertaining to research the famous people who own these incredibly pricey NFTs.

However, since the cryptocurrency market is cyclical, there is no question that the NFT market will have a significant return during the following bull run.

Will these NFTs ever achieve the heights for which celebrities paid? Given how much money a celebrity makes, they probably don't care about their losses at all; it's just consumption to them. Celebrities possess these NFTs, thus they may increase in value during the upcoming bull market.

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