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Do Kwon May Appeal Supreme Court Delay In Extradition Due To Passport Fraud

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Do Kwon's legal agent in Montenegro, Voislav Zetsevich, stated in an interview that he has appealed the ruling from the first instance against Do Kwon's passport to the Supreme Court.

If they are unsuccessful in their legal battle, they will file an appeal with the Supreme Court for a final ruling and make use of their entire right to self-defense. The extradition process may take some time, the media noted.

However, he stated that the Montenegro court authorities might refuse extradition, saying that extradition would only be finalized after the judicial process in the case of forged grounds.

Since Kwon's side has stated that they will make every effort to exercise their right to self-defense, it is anticipated that it will take some time before the actual repatriation.

"Because the extradition procedure has not yet begun, I don't need to and don't want to talk about it(...). Upon receipt of a formal extradition request, whether from South Korea or the United States of America, by the government of Montenegro. Repatriation is not a concern at this time, but a new court will be set up and a different proceeding will be held in the United States."

The main concern following the arrest of CEO Do Kwon, who cost investors globally more than 50 trillion won in damages, was which nation he would be returned to, signaling the beginning of a protracted legal battle.

The court for Kwon's appeal had not yet been created, and the verdicts had not been made public, stated by attorney Zecevich.

Attorney Zetsevich first turned down Yonhap News' request for an interview, but later agreed, explaining that he would only respond in his capacity as a lawyer and that he had to be consistent in responding "no comment" to sensitive inquiries.

As previously mentioned, CEO Do Kwon, a significant player in the cryptocurrency "crash," was detained on March 23 at Podgorica International Airport in the Montenegrin capital of Montenegro. He had spent the previous 11 months abroad and was attempting to board a flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), using a forged passport.

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