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Dogecoin Up 5% On Burger King's Mention Of 'BiteCoin'


In response to a recent tweet by Burger King UK that referred to an unidentified coin which the community appears to have no knowledge of, there seems to be a positive reaction from Dogecoin (DOGE).

The UK division of the renowned fast-food restaurant stirred up a commotion last week when it posted a tweet asking for an "office doge" after an unusual request from a cryptocurrency user for "We need doge."

The tweet was rapidly noticed by the Dogecoin community, causing a surge in the value of this popular memecoin.

Dogecoin Community to Burger King's 'BiteCoin'

Following a tweet from Burger King UK that mentioned "BiteCoin," the Dogecoin community was stirred up once again over the weekend.

According to Coingecko's latest update, DOGE's price has increased by almost 1.0% in the last 24 hours and 4.5% in the past seven days. The tweet from the popular fast-food giant has captured the attention of Dogecoin enthusiasts who also noticed the company's previous mentions of "Doge."

Burger King's recent discussions regarding DOGE have sparked a great deal of excitement, particularly among cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are hoping that the fast-food chain will begin accepting their preferred digital currencies.

DOGE Piques Interest Of Burger King

Burger King Brazil made an announcement in 2021 that generated a lot of attention for Dogecoin, as its Dogpper dog snack was made available for purchase with the cryptocurrency. The fast-food giant promoted the product through an advertisement across the country, further raising awareness about Dogecoin.

Later that same year, Burger King and Robinhood partnered to offer a crypto giveaway in the US, which included an impressive 20 Bitcoins, 200 Ether, and 2 million Dogecoins.

Despite these crypto-friendly initiatives, it remains uncertain whether Burger King UK intends to allow customers to use Dogecoin to purchase meals at their restaurants.

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